Camelot fell not only to outside force, but to betrayal from within. In modern day, Morgana Le Fay has established a corporate empire whose true goal is to control all magic left in the world. King Arthur returns, sent through time from the moment of his defeat in battle. He discovers a network of knights, descendants from his original round table, allied against Morgan and waiting for the return of the king, a role Arthur is reluctant to take. Arthur remains pure of spirit and trusting, blind to the dangers of internal treachery and the modern world. Luckily, he has a detective on his side, the 14-year-old great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes! 

Currently In Studio Production:
Camelot Forever One Sheet Promotional Poster
Camelot Forever the comic book series One Sheet Promotional Poster pencils.
by Eddy Newell and Robert W. Hickey

Camelot Forever Preview
Issue number 1 page #3 & page #5 preview pencils by Eddy Newell. (Camelot Forever TBA)


 Camelot Forever Character Design by Eddy Newell
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Angela Elaine Ban

King Arthur Pendragon



Morgana LeFay

Demon Knights

Black Knight
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