SkyStorm Universe Series:
Darkness Chronicles
Banded together from different parts of the world these three are on a mission to rid the earth of the vile alien creatures called the Soulbreed. Haggard, a time agent who was trapped in this period of time when Infinity, the cityship of the TimeLords, exploded. He continues to fight the good fight, bringing along two younger partners who have had experience in dealing with the Soulbreed as well as or any creature that raises it ugly head(s).

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The Darkness Chronicles: Shadows #1
Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols, Wayne Wong, Leanne Buckley cover by Brian Level

In Scar City, each member of Haggard’s team has a reason to see the extermination of the vile aliens called the Soulbreed. In the first story, a cab gives the team a ride for their live. In an abandoned church the team runs into SkyStorm’s time-travelling duo Blood and Roses in the second story. Also, this issue includes illustrations by Renae DeLiz (Womanthology, Peter Pan) and Steve Redinger.

Darkness Chronicles Appearances:
Blood & Roses: In The Dark #1 & #2 / Tempered Steele #1 &  #2 

The Darkness Chronicles Digital Print Color / 11″ x 17″ Full color printed on heavy glossy print paper.


Haggard Darkness

Angel Shadow

Midnight Montana


One-Eyed Jack

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