SkyStorm Universe:
HellGirl… Jazzmin Archer and her band, the WarShipt, were heading to their next gig when their tour bus exploded. What happened next was beyond belief as they found themselves in the middle of a Hellish dimension. To save her band Jazzmin agreed to become hells messenger and accept the mantel of HellGirl. Bringing Rock and Roll to the fiery pits of damnation, HellGirl is consistently trying to find a way to get her friend out of the clutches of Azmodeus a Hell Realm Lord who wants to use HellGirl and other enhancers from the surface to fight a war so he can become the next in line to “Run the Show” in Hell.

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HellGirl: Demon Song #1
HellGirl tries to rock and roll
her way out of Hell only to run into a few unexpected problems.
Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols,
Eddy Spurlock, Mark Hester
(Scheduled to ship 2013)

HellGirl Gallery 
by David Mack (Marvel Comics, Kabuki),
Mark Hester and various artist.
Click on the image to see several nice pinups
of our little girl from Hell.

HellGirl: Demonseed #1
Robert W. Hickey, Joe Martin,(artist)
Why was she taken to Hell and what does Hell want from her? See here in
this first issue available in the SkyStorm Store.

HellGirl: Choices Made
by Bill Nichols
Novelette Series
Free .PDF Download

on the image to download the Digital .PDF



Jazzmin Archer
aka HellGirl

Hell Realm Lord

Band Member

Band Member

Band Member

Band Member



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