Sparta Bay

The creation of Bill Nichols, Sparta Bay is the sprawling coastal city where heroes, villains and other beings live and clash in its streets, where most people just try to lead their lives while some try to rule over others as others continue to defend the public good. Science, mythology, magic and heredity have created the superbeings that inhabit Sparta Bay, the Morts, the AMPs, the Mystics as well as the Elemental Beings.
The story on SpartaBay.Net is that Ursula is the daughter of a Valkyrie and she has made it her mission to dispatch all the undead roaming around the city. Vampires, zombies, ghouls, mummies beware. Your time may be at an end.
The real deal is that it’s the story of her online web series. One thing, though. It’s the truth. Undead beware…oh, wait, it’s a good thing they don’t have the internet in the crypts and dark places.
The Ursula Sketchbook was the product of over 30 artists and friends contributing their own visual take on the character with a gorgeous color cover by Jenevieve Broomall. Here’s the link for that:


URSULA SKETCHBOOK available in the SkyStorm Store.


Beacon & Hexx:
Children have gone missing and one case brings in the mystic detective Hexx to investigate.


Victory Guardians:
They were the heroes of the Golden Age, an earlier time when things often appeared to be simpler, but were just-as-often beyond that of the everyday man. What will be their legacy and how will they handle their own children?


Sparta Bay:
An anthology that will tell bite-sized chunks of several characters and groups as well as things in and of the city, like the upcoming race for mayor. Other ongoing stories will be told in chapters.


She’s hot stuff. Careful. As part of a group of girl sidekicks, Smolder is itching to make her own way.


A cursed creature lurks in The Nails, the bad part of town.

Garnet. More later.
Good boys, bad girls and vise versa. I’ve also been toying with putting several of these things down as novels, if only to get the ideas down and create a companion work to go with the comics.
It’ll be a ride.
UrsulaSketch-Willie Peppers and Bill Nichols