Clay’s Way



Clay’s Way is the work of Katie and Robert Hickey along with artist Jackie Hernandez and Cindy Ramey.

Robert is a comic book writer and artist who is based out of Florence, KY.
For over fifteen years his wife Katie has worked hard to make sure their boys get the education that they desire. Katie also came up with the term “Learning Differences”.
Robert came up with the idea of Clay’s Way to share information and resources for other parents. Being an artist Robert decide to feature a comic strip based mostly on true events that he and Katie have observed with both of their sons who have Learning Differences.

“We wouldn’t want our children to be any different. They have educationed us in so many ways and have given us a new way to see life on a daily bases.”


Clay’s Way Collection no. 1 collects over 150 online strips by Robert W. Hickey and Jackie Hernandez.